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they want me for my blubber!

2009-06-26 17:35:15 by linkmasterr

taken from tom fulp's post vvvvvv

"Over 8,500 people filled out the survey!

Here are some glimpses of data from the people who answered:

Male: 95.9%
Female: 4.1%


Under 16: 28.8%
16-17: 26.8%
18-24: 38.7%

Game Consoles

Xbox 360: 45.6%
PS3: 21.1%
Wii: 50.5%
DS: 60.5%
PSP: 32.2%"

hmmm, didn't expect to have that low of a percential of females on newgrounds!
well i'm part of that 4.1 % !
kind of neat.

pretty much a pointless post, i just thought the stats were cool...

for nintendo wii you can make these people called miis right?
well me and my friend were bored as hell.. so we made one that looks like pikachu, one like dk, like luigi, and yeah we thought it was sweet.

maybe i'll possibly post picture later...

k bai


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2009-06-26 17:50:42

I thought that there would be more than 4.1% of females here. I'm not too surprised though.

linkmasterr responds:

yeah i guess i didn't realize how male-oriented this website is, still that's a low percentage