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celebration time !

2009-06-27 00:34:16 by linkmasterr

Although I am only one person I am trying my best to contribute to Newgrounds in the only way that I can at the moment (my skills in flash are very poor) which is to attempt to clean up the portal. Meaning, deleting spam and stuff like that.
That is why I am happy because I have just been promoted to the rank of Police Office Rank for blam/protection points.
It may not seem like a lot but every bit helps, so at least I'm trying..
I'm especially going to continue my efforts to blam the spam in the portal with what little power I have.
If I continue regualarily I'm sure I'll be able to make a bigger impact....

Rank: Police Officer
Blams: 241
Saves: 287
Rank #: 15,723

soon, i shall have the power to blam all of the useless submissions in Newgrounds.. HURRAH !


celebration time !


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2009-06-27 01:41:15

cool! how does one become a police officer...thing, for ng?

also, I doubt your flash is that bad, how do you know if you haven't submitted anything?

(Updated ) linkmasterr responds:

well to get blam/protection points that determine your rank, you have to vote on flashes that are waiting to enter the portal. (when the flash is "under judgement")
if you vote 0-1 on a flash and it gets blammed, you get a blam point.
if it does pass into the portal, you do not get any points.
if you vote 2-5 for a flash that has not yet entered the portal, and it passes, you get a protection point.
But if the submission gets deleted, you do not get any points.
the more points you get the higher your rank, if you check on your userpage it will show your "Newgrounds Stats" and you can see what rank you are at.
You can also click the rank link and find out how many points you need for each rank, and how many ranks their are.

And about the flash...
Well when I was like ten on this website I thought I was AMAZING at flash... so I did a flash consisting of a smile (this was on a different account, that I cannot even remember).. just a smiley face with a smile getting bigger and bigger and then that was it.. No music.. No real talent..
ANd when it got blammed I gave up haha..
Perhaps I'll try again but for now I'll stick to cleaning up the portal ;)


2009-06-27 01:46:51

Welcome to the NGPD officer!

linkmasterr responds:

Thanks ! :)