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2008-12-21 19:44:05 by linkmasterr

alright well this is going to be a quick post but i thought i'd make one anyways seeing as it's almost christmas and i'm super excited. I hope everyone has fun on their holidays and doesn't die, cause that would kinda suck. OUUUUUU WAIT, there is a point to this post ther than fabulous christmas, i just gained a level in my blam/protection points since my last post on the 17th, meaning i pretty much have no life and im an NG lurker. yay!

So anyways, hope everyone enjoys their holiday season whether or not they celebrate christmas, and let me know what you want/got for christmas if you celebrate it!

PS. here's a deku scrub.


Attention all hateful submitters to Newgrounds

2008-12-17 18:37:42 by linkmasterr

Lately I've been noticing constant submissions of complete crap into the Portal. What is even worse, is that they are passing. This is the main reason for my desire to acheive the sup. commander level in blamming/saving. My "inspiration". I Seriously think I could actually make a difference and show these faggots that they should submit their crap somewhere else because nobody here at Newgrounds who actually cares about this site wants it. It's offensive, uncreative and shitty. For me, now all i can do is pass judgement with the blam/protection points I have so far, until I continue getting higher levels.
But it doesn't mean that just I have to do it, seriously, if you guys are sick of all this crap, start voting! Vote zeros, state your opinion, really make a difference!
It actually goes a long way. 1 blam makes a difference... Okay that was cheesy, but true!

Anyways, that was my little rant, ahahaha

probably posting again soon!

First Post

2008-12-16 18:52:36 by linkmasterr

Okay so, this is my first post on newgrounds, woo!
I pretty much suck balls at animation, so im thinking.... voice acting?
worth a shot! If I get some money for christmas I'm thinking of buying a decent
microphone and trying out some things. SO, if you are a new animator looking for some different voice actors/actresses other than the few here on Newgrounds, i might be someone to look for! But, not until AFTER the holidays, I'm way to fucking lazy to start during my break, I'm pretty sure I'll just be sitting around playing wii or other random shit ahaha.
So, not too bad for my first post, right?
Okay well, I'll be checking back in soon, I know you're all DYING to hear back from me...

that was me being sarcastic ;)