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2009-11-02 20:23:21 by linkmasterr

just wanted to say, i love you newgrounds.


2009-08-29 20:02:03 by linkmasterr

Today I went to the FanExpo at the Metro Toronto Convetion Center.
It was AMAZING, there were so many people dressed up and I met Brad Swaile! The voice actor of Light Yagami in Death Note! I loved it!

On the way to toronto I overheard people talking about on the train, which made me smile, and I was pleasently surpsied when I saw three guys at the FanExpo dressed as Castle Crashers!
I had to take a picture, so here it is !


death note

2009-08-24 21:41:13 by linkmasterr

So I was going to go to the FanExpo this weekend ( as zero suit samus.
But then I thought, too much work, + i'm too lazy..
Sooo since I absolutely love death note with my entire heart,
my friend and I decided to dress up as one of the main characters of the anie series,
Misa Amane ; allery/d/78720-6/misa01.JPG

So yeah, I'm really excited to go to this thing this weekend
there's a picture of us below, no shoes yet for our costumes D; I'm the taller blonde one on the left and that's my friend on the right

death note

zero suit samus?!

2009-08-04 14:44:45 by linkmasterr

Alright so there is the 2009 FanExpo coming to Toronto in 3 weeks, and I want to dress up as Zero Suit Samus..
Only problem is I can't buy the costume since I'm entering in a cosplay contest, but I have no idea how to make the costume..
Of course I know what she looks like, but I just don't know how I'm going to make a suit out of different colours of blue spandex and make it look, good..

Any suggestions on how to make this thing?

Oh and here is the link to the thing I'm attending

Once I make the costume I guess I'll post pictures up..

zero suit samus?!


2009-07-03 18:19:42 by linkmasterr

Okay, I'm having a little bit of a .... gaming dilema.
A wii gaming dilema.
I have the opportunity to buy one game, any game, and I have decided on two options.
It is between
Super Mario Galaxy
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

The only thing is, I used to own Super Mario Galaxy but I lost it a year ago, and I was very far in the game.

Should I buy another Super Mario Galaxy?
Should I buy Metroid, which I have never played before...

help please, what should I do.

I posted this question here since I figure most, if not all newgrounders are gamers, so they would be able to help me out..


celebration time !

2009-06-27 00:34:16 by linkmasterr

Although I am only one person I am trying my best to contribute to Newgrounds in the only way that I can at the moment (my skills in flash are very poor) which is to attempt to clean up the portal. Meaning, deleting spam and stuff like that.
That is why I am happy because I have just been promoted to the rank of Police Office Rank for blam/protection points.
It may not seem like a lot but every bit helps, so at least I'm trying..
I'm especially going to continue my efforts to blam the spam in the portal with what little power I have.
If I continue regualarily I'm sure I'll be able to make a bigger impact....

Rank: Police Officer
Blams: 241
Saves: 287
Rank #: 15,723

soon, i shall have the power to blam all of the useless submissions in Newgrounds.. HURRAH !


celebration time !

they want me for my blubber!

2009-06-26 17:35:15 by linkmasterr

taken from tom fulp's post vvvvvv

"Over 8,500 people filled out the survey!

Here are some glimpses of data from the people who answered:

Male: 95.9%
Female: 4.1%


Under 16: 28.8%
16-17: 26.8%
18-24: 38.7%

Game Consoles

Xbox 360: 45.6%
PS3: 21.1%
Wii: 50.5%
DS: 60.5%
PSP: 32.2%"

hmmm, didn't expect to have that low of a percential of females on newgrounds!
well i'm part of that 4.1 % !
kind of neat.

pretty much a pointless post, i just thought the stats were cool...

for nintendo wii you can make these people called miis right?
well me and my friend were bored as hell.. so we made one that looks like pikachu, one like dk, like luigi, and yeah we thought it was sweet.

maybe i'll possibly post picture later...

k bai

yaaaaay art portal

2009-06-18 19:53:28 by linkmasterr

so i signed on to newgrounds today, i had already been on it previously today, and find out...
THERE'S AN ART PORTAL NOWWW??!?!?!/!111/!?!?!?!?!?!11

cool beans.

if only i was good at art !
oh well, i can't wait to see how this art portal progresses.

hurrah for art!

gaming fanatic...

2009-05-14 22:47:23 by linkmasterr

it's a long weekend and all i wanna do is game,
is that so wrong?

Happy Mother's Day

2009-05-10 12:24:04 by linkmasterr

Happy Mother's Day everyone!
Go kiss your mom and give her flowers or whatever you bought her.. or didn't buy her.
I personally am going to the movie theatres to see "Earth" with my mom and grandma.. who both haven't been to the movies in literally.. 12 years at least.
Should be interesting! Except I don't know if my grandma can walk up stairs, so i might be sitting in the front row...
Well anywho, what are all of you doing for mothers day?
huh? huh? HUHHHH/>????!?!!?!?!?!